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AMP Tomorrow Maker 2017 – Jodi Rowley

Meet The Speakers: Jodi Rowley | TEDxYouth@Sydney 2016

The Race Against Frog Extinction | Jodi Rowley | TEDxYouth@Sydney. 2016.

In most frog species, males attract females with a rather repetitive call. Quang’s Tree Frog (Gracixalus quangi), on the other hand, has a ‘hyperextended vocal repertoire’. 2014.

Male Limborg’s Frog (Limnonectes limborgi) construct nests on the forest floor for their eggs. 2013.

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Calling all frog calls…again and again! We need you to record your local frogs with FrogID on a regular basis- nightly, weeky or as often as you can! Australian Museum. 26 May 2018.

The food of frogs in a tropical forest. What do frogs eat in the wild? Everything that moves? Or are they more picky? Australian Museum. 3 May 2018.

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FrogID citizen scientists are putting frogs on the map. From suburban Sydney to the most remote parts of the country, FrogID citizen scientists are helping to better understand Aussie frogs. Australian Museum. 9 February 2018.

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Why do frogs call? What drives a frog or toad to spend the night croaking? Australian Museum. 30 October 2017.

The impact of a disease on Southeast Asian frogs: a first look. A potentially deadly pathogen is infecting frogs in Vietnam, but is it causing frog population declines? Australian Museum. 22 September 2017.

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The highest mountain in southern China reveals a new frog species. Meet the tiny new frog species just discovered from southern China. Australian Museum. 6 August 2017.

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In search of undescribed species in northern Australia. Bush Blitz uncovers the remarkable diversity of amphibians and reptiles that call Bradshaw Field Training area home. Australian Museum. 30 May 2017.

New “Stone” frog discovered from Vietnam. A new gargoyle-like frog emerges from the limestone rocks of northern Vietnam. Australian Museum. 17 March 2017.

The search for the Peppered Tree Frog has begun. My search for a tiny frog that hasn’t been seen for more than 40 years has commenced. Australian Museum. 23 December 2016.

The Search for the Peppered Tree Frog. Not seen since the 1970’s, we need your help in finding a tiny, mottled frog. Australian Museum. 11 November 2016.

A new, brightly-coloured treefrog revealed in northern Australia. A green frog with orange hands and feet and purple thighs leaps into the spotlight. Australian Museum. 27 September 2016.

goo to the rescue. Why frogs may hold the key to curing your next illness. Australian Museum. 2 June 2016.

Is the demand for amphibians as pets threatening their survival in the wild? The global trade in wildlife threatens more than just rhinos, elephants and tigers: amphibians are also at risk. Australian Museum. 23 May 2016.

Five new frog species discovered in fast-disappearing forests The forests of central Vietnam & adjacent Cambodia are home to five new frog species that have hopefully been discovered in the nick of time. Australian Museum. 1 March 2016.

Can frogs help combat the Zika virus? Healthy frog populations may help keep disease-carrying mosquitos at bay, but not in the way you might expect. Australian Museum. 23 February 2016.

Put your hands up and best foot forward What can be revealed by looking at a frog’s foot? Australian Museum. 7 January 2016.

Mountain-top frogs teetering on the edge Two Asian frog species are now officially more threatened than the Giant Panda. Australian Museum. 16 November 2015. 10 December 2015.

A new species of frog discovered from the forests of Cambodia and Vietnam A tiny little frog that looks almost the same as another species has just been revealed from the imperiled forests of Southeast Asia. Australian Museum. 16 November 2015.

Three tiny, green-blooded frogs sing like birds. All three species of tiny, pointy-snouted, green-blooded frogs from the forests of Vietnam have unique, bird-like calls. Australian Museum. 17 September 2015.

Gone before we know they exist? Unknown diversity of tiny brown frogs just discovered, but some undiscovered species may already be extinct. Australian Museum. 1 June 2015.

Frogs in the trees In making the transition from the swamp to the tree-tops, different groups of frogs have evolved in remarkably similar ways. Australian Museum. 21 April 2015.

A new, fire-eyed, frog discovered in the forests of Vietnam. A small frog with bright orange eyes has just been discovered from the forested mountains of Vietnam. Australian Museum. 13 March 2015.

How can you tell a male from a female frog? It’s often tricky to tell whether a frog is male or female, but these tips should help. Australian Museum 23 February 2015.

A frog that gives birth to tadpoles! Unique in the frog world, a newly described frog from Indonesia lays tadpoles instead of eggs. Australian Museum. 3 January 2015.

Conserving Asian newts could save the world’s salamanders. Healthy salamander populations on both sides of the planet may depend on controlling the international sale of Asian newts as pets. Australian Museum. 3 December 2014.

The secret life of a fanged frog with an enormous head. We reveal the strange call of an even stranger frog. Australian Museum. 5 November 2014.

Discovering the biodiversity of the Greater Mekong. Much of the biodiversity of the Greater Mekong region in Southeast Asia remains undiscovered, but is already under great threat. Australian Museum. 6 October 2014.

Why the official conservation status of species matters. It’s not just a category; it’s about directing scarce conservation resources to the species most in need. Australian Museum. 29 July 2014.

A rare glimpse into the private life of a poorly-known frog. The breeding behaviour of a fat, narrow-mouthed frog is captured for the first time. co-authored with Ronald Altig. Australian Museum 30 June 2014.

Frogs need to watch their backs: parasites on the horizon. A host of spore-producing parasites may be waiting in the wings for a chance to attack amphibians. Australian Museum 28 May 2014.

Meet the Thorny Tree Frog: a striking new frog species from Vietnam. Males of this newly discovered pink and yellow tree frog are covered in prickly, white-tipped spines. Australian Museum. 2 March 2014

Flying frogs: the aerodynamic amphibians. Some frogs have well and truly taken a leap into the trees. Australian Museum. 16 February 2014.

What’s the difference between a frog and a toad? As an amphibian biologist, it’s the most common question people ask me, but the answer is more complicated than you’d think. Australian Museum. 17 January 2014.

When the frogs go, the snakes follow When the frogs disappear, there are dramatic consequences. Australian Museum. 10 December 2013.

New species of small, fat frog discovered on top of Indochina’s highest peak. Discovered in the cold, wet forest near the top of Mount Fansipan this little frog may already be in trouble. Australian Museum. 22 November 2013.

Poorly-known parasites threaten freshwater biodiversity. A new paper is calling for more attention to be paid to poorly-known micro-organisms capable of killing off amphibians and fishes. Australian Museum 6 November 2013.

Poorly-known parasites threaten freshwater biodiversity A new paper is calling for more attention to be paid to poorly-known micro-organisms capable of killing off amphibians and fishes.Australian Museum. 6 November 2013.

Hot bodies protect frogs from disease By following individual frogs in the rainforest, we reveal that hot frogs are less likely to be infected with a potentially deadly fungus. Australian Museum. 22 March 2013.

Frog fungus where you least expect it Frogs in the arid-zone may not be safe from a potentially deadly disease. Australian Museum. 28 February 2013.

Huge, green flying frog discovered in the lowland forests of Vietnam Meet Helen’s Flying Frog (Rhacophorus helenae). A huge, green “flying” frog that, up until now, was completely unknown to science. Australian Museum. 9 January 2013.

The Strangest Tadpole? Bearing curved black “fangs”, the tadpole of the Vampire Flying Frog Rhacophorus vampyrus from Vietnam is one of the strangest tadpoles known. Australian Museum. 11 December 2012.

Finding frogs- it’s all about timing When it comes to finding frogs in the forests of Vietnam, timing really matters. Australian Museum. 24 May 2012.

Frogs in nests? Most of the time, frogs deposit their eggs in a pond or stream and leave their offspring to fend for themselves. Male Limborg’s Frogs, however, take being a father quite seriously… 8 April 2012.


Two new moss frogs discovered The mist-shrouded mountains of Vietnam reveal two new species of moss frog. Australian Museum. 23 November 2011.

Welcome to the Jungle.(12 parts) Mountains, monsoons and mosquitoes: here are the highlights from amphibian biologist Dr Jodi Rowley’s diary of her recent field trip to Central Vietnam. She was on the hunt for new and rare species of frogs… Australian Museum.September 2011.

Jodi_CarnivPlantsMisty Mountains and Moss Frogs

Expedition in search of rare, poorly-known and previously unknown species of amphibian in northern Vietnam.

National Geographic Explorers Journal. July-November 2013.