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Jodi Rowley talks to Nate Byrne about being awarded The Australian Museum Research Institute Medal, for her citizen science project FrogID. First aired 24 August 2023.

Meet the Bush Blitz team discovering new species | Australia’s Wild Odyssey | ABC TV + iview. First aired 23 January 2023.

Gardening Australia – My Garden Path – Dr Jodi Rowley. Series 30, Episode 07. First aired 15 March 2019.

ABC Landline – Finding Frogs: The project to find Australia’s frogs. First aired 28 February 2021.

The Project – Australian Tree Frogs On Eastern Seaboard Dying Of Mystery Illness. First aired 3 October 2021.

Australia’s Great Wild North – Online Trailer featuring Jodi Rowley. Wild Pacific Media. 2018.

National Geographic Explorer Classroom. Frog Discovery with Jodi Rowley. 16 April 2020.

AMP Tomorrow Maker 2017 – Jodi Rowley

Meet The Speakers: Jodi Rowley | TEDxYouth@Sydney 2016

The Race Against Frog Extinction | Jodi Rowley | TEDxYouth@Sydney. 2016.

In most frog species, males attract females with a rather repetitive call. Quang’s Tree Frog (Gracixalus quangi), on the other hand, has a ‘hyperextended vocal repertoire’. 2014.

Male Limborg’s Frog (Limnonectes limborgi) construct nests on the forest floor for their eggs. 2013.

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The race to save Australia’s dirty frogs. The Science Show, ABC Radio National. 1 July 2023.
A love story: frogs vs Taylor Swift. Story Stream, ABC Science. 6 December 2022.
Meet Eastern Australia’s Two Newest Frog Species. ABC Radio Sydney. Drive with Richard Glover. 1 December 2021.
Episode 33: Obsessed with Amphibians: Jodi Rowley. So Much Pingle: A Herpetology Podcast. 14 February 2021.
We all know frogs go ‘bonk’. ABC Radio National. Off Track with Ann Jones 22 November 2020.
Frogs, drought and fire. ABC Radio Sydney. Drive with Richard Glover. 19 February 2020.
Almost 100,000 frog calls submitted to Australian Museum’s FrogID App to track the amphibians. Afternoons with Paula Kruger. ABC Canberra. 31 January 2020.
Earworms from planet earth XI. ABC Radio National. Off Track with Ann Jones. 14 December 2019.
Amphibian hullabaloo and other frog noises. ABC Radio National. Off Track with Ann Jones. 9 November 2019.
Finding frogs in the clouds. ABC Radio Sydney. Drive with Richard Glover. 23 October 2019.
Identify the frogs you hear with FrogID mobile app. The Science Show with Robyn Williams. ABC Radio National. 4 May 2019.
Rediscovered Frogs. ABC Radio Sydney. Drive with Richard Glover. 30 January 2019.
Horny, confused cane toads are humping a python, says biologist. CBC Radio (Canada). As It Happens with Helen Mann. 1 January 2019.
The hidden abundance of frogs. ABC Radio Sydney. Drive with Richard Glover. 12 September 2018.
Earworms from planet earth IV. ABC Off Track with Ann Jones. 7 July 2018.
The search for the turquoise-blooded frog. ABC Conversations with Richard Fidler. 9 May 2018.
How can you help put frogs on the map? ABC Radio Sydney. Drive with Richard Glover. 28 February 2018.
Saving frogs with smartphones. ABC Radio National. Counterpoint with Amanda Vanstone. 11 December 2017.
Name that frog! ABC Radio Melbourne. Clare Bowditch on Afternoons. 15 November 2017.
Have you heard frogs croaking at night? ABC Radio Sydney. Drive with Richard Glover. 1 November 2017.
Frog Mating. ABC Radio Sydney. Drive with Richard Glover. 16 August 2017.
The search for the Peppered Tree Frog. ABC Radio Sydney. Drive with Richard Glover. 1 March 2017.
The strange case of the peppered tree frog. ABC Radio National. Off Track with Ann Jones. 29 October 2016.
Telling one frog from another. Not What You Think. FBi Radio. 15 October 2016.
New ‘rainbow’ frog species from Cape York. ABC Sydney. Drive with Richard Glover. 5 October 2016.
Why frogs may hold the key to curing illness. ABC Sydney. Drive with Richard Glover. 10 August 2016.
All about frogs with Dr Jodi Rowley. ABC New England North West with Kelly Fuller. 28 January 2016.
European and North American salamanders threatened by SE Asian chytrid fungus. Radio National, The Science Show, with Robyn Williams. 15 August 2015.
Frogs in the Backyard. 702 ABC Sydney, Weekends with Simon Marnie. 24 May 2014.
New frogs jumping out of SE Asian high forests. Radio National, The Science Show, with Robyn Williams. 3 May 2014.
Vietnam’s Parachuting Frog. ABC Radio National, The Science Show, with Robyn Williams. 13 April 2013.
Webbed Hands and Feet Help Frog Fly. CBC (Canada), Quirks and Quarks. 26 January 2013.
Helen’s Flying Frog. 2UE News Talk Radio, with Stuart Bocking. 10 January 2013.
Helen’s Flying Frog. 702 ABC Radio Sydney, with James Valentine. 9 January 2013.
South East Asian Amphibians barely known. ABC Radio National, The Science Show, with Robyn Williams. 29 January 2011.
Interview with Jodi Rowley. Radio Nacional de Colombia. (Spanish). 17 January 2011.
Vampire flying frog found in Vietnam. ABC Radio. 6 January 2011.

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The search for extinct frogs starts in your home with your phone. Sydney Morning Herald. 13 November 2022.

Thousands of frogs are dying in Australia. Scientists aren’t sure why. The Washington Post. 16 July 2022.

‘A complicated murder mystery’: What’s killing Sydney’s frogs? Sydney Morning Herald. 16 July 2022.

Australian frogs are dying en masse again, and we need your help to find out why. The Conversation. 13 June 2022.

‘Like nothing in my lifetime’: researchers race to unravel the mystery of Australia’s dying frogs. The Guardian. 19 September 2021.

Dead, shrivelled frogs are unexpectedly turning up across eastern Australia. We need your help to find out why. The Conversation. 29 July 2021.

La Niña rain brings baby boom for critically endangered Booroolong frog. ABC. 27 February 2021.

Clicks, bonks and dripping taps: listen to the calls of 6 frogs out and about this summer. The Conversation. December 28, 2020.

Australians recorded frog calls on their smartphones after the bushfires – and the results are remarkable. The Conversation. September 28, 2020.

Goin’ froggin’ proves a popular pastime. Cosmos Magazine. August 2020.

Frog Eats Beetle. Beetle Crawls Through Guts to Escape. WIRED. 3 August 2020.

A few months ago, science gave this rare lizard a name – and it may already be headed for extinction. The Conversation. 13 July 2020.

Our field cameras melted in the bushfires. When we opened them, the results were startling. The Conversation. 9 July 2020.

A quest to save frogs. Nature Magazine. 16 December 2019.

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Record a frog call and help save a vital species. Gatton Times. 12 November 2019.

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Smartphone app FrogID to help Territorians identify frog species. NT News. 29 November 2017.

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Best foot forward. Australian Geographic. 14 March, 2016.


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Hot frog bodies fight deadly infection. Australian Geographic Journal. 2 April 2013.

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Biologists get the jump on a new species of flying frog NBC News 10 January 2013.

Here’s the good news: 126 new species discovered in Greater Mekong Sydney Morning Herald, 19 December 2012.

Extraordinary new species discoveries in the Greater Mekong,WWF, 18 December 2012.

Vampire and bird frogs: discovering new amphibians in Southeast Asia’s threatened forests,, 6 February 2012. Interview with me as part of mongabay’s ongoing Interviews with Young Scientists. I’m pretty happy that I still classify as young! Lots of my photographs, too.

New species of frog sings like a bird,, 12 December 2011. Article about the newly described Quang’s Tree Frog (Gracixalus quangi).

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Rhacophorus_vampyrus_wht_fntThe Vampire Flying Frog makes National Geographic’s Ten Weirdest Life-forms of 2011: Editors’ Picks. 28 November 2011.

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